Fellow Kansans,

Please join me in putting Kansas on the map with regard to the "2010 by 2010" effort which is associated with the National ADA Symposium and begun by the Great Plains ADA Center .  Our national goal is to have 2,010 entities reinvigorate their commitment to the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act in time for the Twentieth Anniversary of the ADA on July 26. 2010. Here is a link to the 2010 by 2010 web-site:  http://www.2010anniversary.org/

Kansas is just under 1% of the population of the United States, but I want us to strive to have 100 entities, minimum, to join in this effort.  At this point, only the city of Emporia has done so.   It is time now for advocates, ADA coordinators, disability organizations, people with disabilities in Kansas , and Kansas ' many supporters of human rights to join in this noble effort! 

In order to accomplish this goal, I want us to enroll 100 partners by the time of the ADA  Symposium rolls around on June 20 - 23 in Denver .  Here is a link to the ADA Symposium:  

Please get back to me with a list of the entities you'll be targeting to join.   I'll do my best to keep track of our successes and to provide periodic feedback to those of you who will serve as "point persons" within your organization or community.  Let's see if we can't enroll 25 cities, counties, universities, community colleges, school districts, and businesses by the end of March.  50 would be even better!

Here we have a chance to demonstrate to ourselves, our fellow citizens, and the country at large that Kansas is now,  and will continue to be, a leader in accessibility.   Missouri already has 10 and the tiny state of Delaware has 18.  Please forward this to anyone who can be of help to the cause. 

I look forward to an overwhelming response! 

Ray Petty
Great Plains ADA Consultant for Kansas
(785) 842-4317