Minutes: 9/1/10 JCTC Meeting


Introduction – Rebecca Iveson / Brian Ellefson


CDDO business – The wait list $ to serve 66 people has be allocated. There continues to be a 5-year wait list. Individuals have been served through a request date of April 2006


Beverly Silvers – reported that the JCTC website is averaging 67 hits a day. If you have something to be added to the website – send it to her.

The website is: jocotransitioncouncil.org


Families Together transition seminar is coming up on 10/23/10.


Vocational Rehabilitation – get to know your SRS is being held on 10/13/10.



Kirsten Snied – UCM – Thrive program.

1)      The EXCEL program started 2 weeks ago. This is a program where students with all types of disabilities live on campus.

2)      New cab service called 10-10-7. The company has blue taxi’s, this is a pilot program in JOCO. 10 miles for $10.00. This is a 24 hour taxi service. Director is ?/Bill George?

3)      In the KC Star on 8/25/10 there was an article about the JET Express – Looking for volunteer drivers

4)      40 Disability Mentoring Day; Kansas 10/15 at Mid America Nazarene and the Missouri date is 10/   /10 at the Kaufmann foundation center

a.       Brian sent out information  to pass on to job seekers. DMD averages about 200 job seekers a year. If anyone has employers or business partners  that would be interested please let Brian know.

5)      The CDDO is planning to host a fair for providers on 10/25/10. This event will be open to anyone that wants to learn about the provider network. NOTE: Providers, look for an invitation and please respond.  Times are 1-3 pm and 5-7 pm, at the Central Resource library.


(Discussion included: ideas for presenters for the yearJ

1)      Vocational Rehabilitation

2)      Transportation – The JO / Cab company / Drivers education programs for exceptional students that support the needs to drive. (Brian will contact)

3)      SSI

4)      Working Healthy – Terri Cronin (Brian will contact)

5)      A time set aside to talk about the need for support for parents of adult children / solution action oriented

6)      Community Collaboration classes / Debbie Byrn (In partnership with the Olathe School District)

7)      Housing effort for persons with disabilities – Replication of the Mission Project – Contact? Department of aging?

8)      Wills and Trusts – Scoot Adams?

9)      YMCA Challenger Program / Nan Kanter / Reagan Schurr (recreation series)

10)   Phyllis Young offered that the transition team at JCDS has ideas and will send the ideas to Rebecca.

11)   Entrepreneurship – Anthony from “Anthony’s Beehive” – Wendy Parent

12)   “Town Hall” type meeting with legislators running in the upcoming elections

13)   Health Insurance – not sure who to invite?


(Other notes)

Today’s Man – movie, may be a good introduction to help parents gather and be creative with adults with disabilities.

Temple Grandin movie.


Green Express offered to host a meeting


Brian will schedule building for Oct. Indian Creek Rm A.


Dues are $5.00 and those go to Doris Weber.