The Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy

presents the



Bringing disability history and pride into the schools!


Leaders in our young adult community will present to their peers on various topics surrounding disability heritage, culture, and the struggles and triumphs that mark our history. Learn what leaders, laws, and movements paved the road to the freedom of our future.


We speak to post-secondary, high school, middle school, and elementary classrooms during a one to two class period presentation. Watch disability history come alive through interactive learning and sharing of basic knowledge. This presentation can benefit ALL students and faculty.


Topics that will be covered include:


- important leaders in the disability rights movement

- laws that made an impact on the disability community

- famous people who have disabilities

- groups and milestones that have created change

- discussion of disability as a culture

- overview of types of disabilities, terminology, pride

                                        and much more!


To schedule your classroom presentation today, contact:

Julia Fonseca at 866.577.5932 toll free or 785.215.6698 tty